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Artist's Statement

Sculpting is an art of subtraction, removing material to expose the form from within.  I am a direct stone carver, meaning I do not make models or sketch first.  After working a design concept over and over in my mind, I am eventually ready to bring my vision to reality.  It is not until I connect with the stone that I can release my creative energy and the stone’s potential.  I start off by contemplating the stone, viewing it from different angles, trying to transpose the image held in my mind onto the stone. Once an idea inspires me the undertaking is almost an obsession until I pull it off, successfully.


In my abstract work I follow the flow, freely connecting one curve to another which eventually leads to wherever. With my figurative work I strive to capture the recognizable, but still stretch the boundaries of reality.  Combining my spirited abstract approach to produce my figurative impressions has led to an aesthetic and complexity that will intrigue the most sophisticated collector.  My art says different things to different people.  My sculptures draw you in and pull you around to admire them from all angles. Shadows and light play on the polished surfaces, they pivot and turn, revealing new versions of themselves. You will be compelled to touch and caress the cool stone, feeling the textures and following the contours. This allows you to fully appreciate their form. Three-Dimensional art is not just for viewing but should be touched. I encourage the tactile experience.


Stones from around the world come in a variety of colors. I enjoy combining these variations by marrying different stones together, enabling them to complement each other and enhancing their individual interest. I have recently been illuminating translucent stones, enhancing their color and impact. Most art goes to sleep when the sun goes down, while the world I create wakes up and comes to life. 


-Salvatore Orlando

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